Vampire Wing Lift™

Vampire Wing Lift™

what is Vampire wing lift? 

The Vampire Wing Lift™ is a simple, non-surgical procedure that requires the injection of hyaluronic acid, such as Juvederm or Restylane along with a patient’s own platelet-rich fibrin to the labia area. The labia puffing process generally takes about 30 minutes and is virtually pain-free.

If sexual pleasure, mild urinary incontinence or vaginal atrophy are issues, additional blood can be drawn during the same appointment and an O-shot can be performed to increase growth factors to the clitoral and vaginal tissues.

how does vampire wing lift work?

The steps are simple:

We draw a small amount of blood to acquire the platelet rich
fibrin (PRF)
We process the Platelet Rich Fibrin in the centrifuge
We mix a Hyaluronic acid with the patient’s PRF
It is then injected into the labia majora, using an injection
cannula, which makes the procedure virtually pain-free

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HOW THE vampire wing lift WORKS

How do i know this is the procedure for me?

If you have experienced labia atrophy

Your labia area has a deflated appearance

You would like a more smooth, youthful-looking labia

The skin has an unsightly appearance

how soon can i expect result?

The immediate plumping action will help to smooth the labia for a more youthful look. The PRF action spurs a tissue-building response in the treated area for a longer lasting effect.

Recovery time 

There is no downtime for the patient and results can last up to a year.

Long Beach Labiaplasty

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